Bupa HealthPlus Medical Insurance

  • HK$3 million annual benefit1 fully covers2 eligible hospital expenses
  • 【Limited Time Offer】Enjoy up to 23% family discount now*!
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Key features

  • Full cover2 for diagnosis, hospitalisation, and outpatient follow-up care after surgery or cancer treatment (including Chinese medicine treatment, acupuncture, MRI, physiotherapy, post-surgery outpatient consultation and dietetic consultation, etc.)
  • Full cover2 on eligible hospital expenses of up to HK$3m annually1 at semi-private room level
  • Provides cover up to HK$720,000 per year for cancer treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy included) and kidney dialysis
  • Cashless hospitalisation2,8 and claims-free with Bupa Medical Card
  • Gives you round-the-clock support with our 24-hour Customer Care Helpdesk and Health Coaching Services
  • Three levels of deductible are available to lower your subscriptions up to 45%3 and use your existing group medical cover to offset the deductible

Other Offers

  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal4
  • No medical examinations are required
  • Enjoy up to 15% discount when enroled with family members5
  • Optional Clinical Benefit and enjoy cashless treatment with Bupa Medical Card9
  • Optional Dental Benefit
  • No waiting period
  • No minimum length of hospital stay required
  • Psychiatric treatment benefit to take care of your mental wellbeing
【Limited Time Offer】Enjoy up to 23% family discount now*!
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24x7 Customer service hotline and healthcare support services for free

  • Our customer helpdesk provides 24-hour live support to answer queries related to your cover7
  • A team of qualified nurses and health management professionals provide 24-hour live guidance on your health related queries, with the support of doctors6
  • Second medical opinion from a panel of medical specialists can be arranged when you are suffering from serious illnesses
  • Other services such as healthcare centre choices, Care Manager follow up on your claims and support you throughout your treatment and recovery


Why choose Hong Kong’s medical insurance expert?

Global healthcare specialist

  • Bupa began in the UK in 1947. We are a leading international healthcare organisation with over 70 years of experience.
  • Apart from providing health insurance, we run clinics, hospitals, dental centres care homes, and more in many countries like the UK, Australia and Spain. Our focus in healthcare funding and services explains why we have the expertise and resources to provide you with smart and suitable solutions in healthcare.


Trusted brand

  • Health insurance provider to Hong Kong’s 19,000 civil servants for more than 20 years running.
  • We’ve gained the trust of more than 400,000 individuals, 3,200 companies.
  • Almost half of our customers have been Bupa members for 3 years and more.

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【Limited Time Offer】Enjoy up to 23% family discount now*!

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